About The Online Academy of Irish Music

About the learning system

What is OAIM?

Based in West County Clare, we are an online Irish music school dedicated to providing high quality Irish music tuition.

Our Aim Is To:

Become a large online community of tutors and students of traditional Irish music. We aspire to create a 'classroom setting' in our chat forums where contact can be made with fellow students and the class tutor.

How Does OAIM Work?

OAIM is a subscription site. For a 28 day fee you can have access to our ever growing bank of Irish traditional music, video based e-Learning lessons. At present we have over 150 lesson's on-site. New videos and courses will be added monthly!

If you are not a subscriber, you are still free to browse our site and become a registered member to avail of our free music lessons. These free lessons are designed to give you a taste of the many lessons to be found in a full access subscription. Click here to become a registered member.

How Long Is Each Tutorial Lesson?

The length of lessons here at OAIM varies from lesson to lesson and from tutor to tutor. On average lessons lasts for 15 minutes though some may last up to half an hour! This amounts to hours and hours of expertise music tuition.

How Does Tutor Feedback Work?

Subscribers can avail of assessment from a chosen tutor. By purchasing a feedback token a student can then upload an audio or video file of their playing. Subsequently a mp3 file or written notes are returned by the tutor containing feedback. Constructive feedback is an important component of learning, particularly to students learning abroad who may have no regular access to experienced musicians in their area.

When Can I Un-Subscribe?

You can un-subscribe at anytime. Just click the 'un-subscribe' link on the left hand side of the 'your details' page

About subscriptions

If I subscribe What Will I Receive?

  • Tuition directly from some of Irelands most experienced performers and tutors
  • Access to over 150 video lessons accompanied by music notation or lyrics
  • Access to OAIM's engaging class room chat forums
  • The option of tutor assessment.

When Can I Start?

The good new is - you don't have to wait for a book or a dvd to arrive in the post - you can start immediately! Upon payment, you will gain full access to OAIM's complete bank of e-Lessons.

How Long Does A Course Last For?

Each individual course is being tailored to demand and is continually being reviewed as to how long it lasts. It is important that you let us know what courses you would like to see offered in what instrument and at what level so that we can tailor our site to your needs.

As well as courses, OAIM will be providing master classes. These master classes will be given by guest tutors and are intended to compliment the existing courses.

What Do I Need?

To partake in a course at OAIM, you need the internet,a computer, and an instrument. To view the videos, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

How Much Does It Cost?

Click subscriptions and pricing for details

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