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General Troubleshooting Guide

I can't view the videos

You need to install Flash. Adobe Flash is a browser plugin that is required to view our tutorial lessons. It is safe, free and used throughout the internet. Click here to install the latest version.

You have paid but still can't access the lessons

This is a rare occurrence and most of the time can be fixed by clearing the cache on your web browser. If this doesn't solve the problem, then contact stating your problem.

Site appears not to let you log in.

'Clear the cache' on your browser, then try logging in again. If the problem persists then email:

The video freezes a lot

If the video is freezing a lot, then you probably have either 1, a slow internet connection or 2, your computer is using many applications/programmes at the same time, and has no time to process other data.

There is a simple solution, which is to let the data load up into the player before watching the class. Just click play, and then as soon as the video starts to play, immediately press pause. This allows the data to upload into your video player whilst the lesson is paused. Simply wait for all of data to be uploaded into the player, which is indicated by a dark grey line running along the bottom of the Player interface. When the dark grey bar gets to the end, all the data will be in the player. Then you can simply press play and enjoy your OAIM lesson totally uninterrupted. Don't worry, it usually only takes a minute or so.

Or if you think all those applications or programmes that are running, might clogging up you computer and making it slow, then turn them off.

I can't fast forward

All of the videos data has to be fully uploaded into the player before you will be able to control the fast forwarding of the lesson. If you want to fast forward, then we recommend pausing the video and allowing the data to upload fully before watching the video. It usually only takes a minute or two.

I can't hear any volume

Make sure the volume on the computer / speakers / headphones is turned up. Disable mute.