Advanced Irish Flute Technique

The course 'Advanced Flute Technique' is aimed at the more experienced flute learner. In it, Kevin guides the student through a myriad of cranns, rolls, triplets, back-stitch triplets, key-work and cuts. One of the main themes of the course is articulation; Kevin constantly refers to throat articulation as a means of accentuating the rhythm of the tunes and demonstrates again and again how to use glottal-stops to attack the notes for percussive effect. Although the techniques taught in this course are challenging technically, many of the tunes taught are also suitable for the less advanced player.

A keyed flute (or an ambitious keyless flute player with half-holing capabilities) is required for a few of the tunes that Kevin teaches in the keys of F major and D minor. By the end of this course, the flautist can expect to have a wealth of technical tips and tricks to add to other tunes in his/ her own repertoire as well thirteen new, quirky flute tunes.

Advanced Irish Flute Technique
OAIM Free 'Advanced Irish Flute Technique' Sample Lesson

The Quakers Wife

In this introductory lesson to the course 'Advanced Irish Flute Technique', Kevin teaches the jig 'The Quaker's Wife', with particular focus on articulation from 'the glottal stop'.

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Course Syllabus for Full Access Lessons
Flute Lesson 2: John McKenna's (Jig) Gmaj

In this lesson, Kevin will continue his study of articulation with the use of the glottal-stop. He teaches John McKenna's Jig.


Flute Lesson 3: The Red Haired Girl (Slipjig)

Kevin will teach a Slip Jig called 'The Red Haired Girl' in this lesson. He will discuss using the flute keys in this tutorial, and will also demonstrate various embellishments.


Flute Lesson 4: Joy of my Life (Jig) Fmaj

In this lesson, Kevin will teach a Jig in the key of F major called 'Joy of My Life'.


Flute Lesson 5: The Drunken Landlady (Reel) Am

'The Drunken Landlady' is the reel taught by Kevin in this tutorial. He will continue his study of rhythmic playing and embellishments.


Flute Lesson 6: Cleaning the Hen House (Reel) Em

In this lesson, Kevin will teach the reel 'Cleaning the Hen House'. He will continue his study of triplets and other various embellishments.


Flute Lesson 7: Andy McGann's (Reel) Dm

In this lesson, Kevin will teach the tune in D minor 'Andy McGann's Reel'. He will continue his study on the use of the F♮key.


Flute Lesson 8: The Drogheda (Reel)

In this lesson Kevin teaches the tune 'The Drogheda Reel'. He continues to look at different usages of triplets and roll techniques.


Flute Lesson 9: Cormac O'Looney's (Reel) G

'Cormac O'Looney's Reel' is the tune taught by Kevin in this lesson. In it, he discusses a tonguing technique he uses to articulate between notes that adds to the rhythm of the tune.


Flute Lesson 10: Farewell to Phillip Lane (Reel) F

In this lesson, Kevin teaches another tune in the key of F major called 'Farewell to Phillip Lane'. He demonstrates effects and techniques that are particular to this key.


Flute Lesson 11: The Standing Abbey (Hornpipe) G

The Hornpipe 'The Standing Abbey' is the tune taught by Kevin in this lesson. Kevin will continue his study of ornamentation in the third part of this lesson.


Flute Lesson 12: The High Hill of Tara (March) Amin

This lesson will feature a slow march called 'The High Hill of Tara'. In it, Kevin will demonstrate how to add effects to slower tunes using vibrato and slides.


Flute Lesson 13: The Rising Sun (Reel) D

In this lesson Kevin will teach the Reel 'The Rising Sun'. Cranns will be the main focus of this lesson.


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Tunes Taught
  • The Quakers Wife
  • John McKenna's jig
  • The Red Haired Girl
  • Joy of my Life
  • The Drunken Landlady
  • Cleaning the Hen House
  • Andy McGann's
  • The Drogheda Reel
  • Cormac O'Looney's
  • Farewell to Phillip Lane
  • The Standing Abbey
  • The High Hill of Tara
  • The Rising Sun

Tutor Info

Kevin Crawford

Kevin Crawford

Born in Birmingham, England to parents from Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, Kevin Crawford’s early life was sound-tracked by the resonance of the lively traditional music scene in the midlands city.

Moving to Co. Clare in 1989, he soon became a pivotal member of the effervescent session trail in the Banner county before enhancing his burgeoning reputation in the group Grianán and the trio Raise the Rafters. He then propelled himself to international recognition with Moving Cloud, with whom he recorded Moving Cloud in 1995 and Foxglove in 1998. Kevin joined Lúnasa...[Read More]