Advanced Irish Flute Technique: Lesson 1


In this introductory lesson to the course 'Advanced Irish Flute Technique', Kevin teaches the jig 'The Quaker's Wife', with particular focus on articulation from 'the glottal stop'.

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Tune notation download

Click to view or download the notation for "The Quaker's Wife'":

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Part 1: The tune played twice

Listen to, and watch, the playing of the tune in its entirety. The tune is played twice through, at normal speed and with ornamentation as improvised by the tutor.

This tune is a variant of the well known Slide 'Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife'.

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Mp3 download

Click to play or download the the mp3 of the tune played twice and listen to it several times to gain a better familiarity with the tune.



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Part 2: The tune taught slowly without ornamentation

Kevin will now teach the tune slowly, phrase by phrase with no ornamentation. Listen, watch, and play along.

Listen to the repetitive nature of the tune. If you are not used to learning the tunes without the notation, this one is a good one to try to pick up by ear.

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Part 3: Spotlight on technique

In this part of the lesson, Kevin will be examining various techniques he uses in the tune to create rhythm and emphasis.

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Rather than tapping or cutting the note, Kevin uses glottal-stops to articulate between two notes of the same tonal value. This creates a percussive effect that lends itself well to the playing of dance tunes.

When playing, keep the volume of all the notes balanced; make sure that that the high notes are not too loud and the low notes are not too soft.

Listen to how Kevin creates a 'popping' effect by playing a melodic cut on the A note.

Part 4: Whole tune practice

Join Kevin for whole tune practice. He will play the tune twice - first time slowly and second time up to speed.

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