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Ian Stock

Working through these ornaments was priceless help

"Many thanks to you guys: Majella's course has taught me virtually everything - just working through those ornaments was priceless help. And the lessons are cunningly well graded to make you work at situations that are just difficult enough, but not too much. Good teacher!"

Ian Stock - Colchester, England

OAIM Free Beginner Fiddle Lessons

Lesson 1

Fiddle Basics - Free Lesson 1

This lesson introduces you to the Fiddle and Bow, how to hold them, and bowing for the E', A, D & G strings. Read More

Lesson 2

Fiddle Basics - Free Lesson 2

This lesson will continue with bowing technique. Read More

Lesson 3

Fiddle Basics - Free Lesson 3

Bowing exercises and the first part of 'Britches Full of Stitches' will feature in this lesson. Read More

Lesson 4

Fiddle Basics - Free Lesson 4

The second part of "Britches Full of Stitches" Read More

Lesson 5

Free Lesson 5

A tune is taught in this lesson which crosses over three strings of the fiddle, E', A & D - 'The Rockchapel Polka'. Read More

Lesson 6

Free Lesson 6

This lesson will teach the second part of 'The Rockchapel Polka'. Read More

OAIM Free Intermediate Fiddle Lessons

Clare Fiddle Styles - Free Lesson

The jig 'The Geese in the Bog' will be taught in this lesson. Tola Custy teaches the tune phrase by phrase and then focuses on cuts. Read More

Fleadh Tunes Fiddle

Fleadh Tunes for the Fiddle - Free Lesson

The slide 'The Gallant Boys of Tipperary; will be taught in this lesson Read More

OAIM Free Expert Fiddle Lessons

Donegal Fiddle Styles - Free Lesson

In this introductory lesson to the course 'Donegal Fiddle Styles', Aidan teaches James Byrne's Reel, with focus on the bow hand and the 'up-bow' technique. Read More

Irish Fiddle Courses Available

Fiddle Basics

This course is for the absolute beginner fiddler. It will begin with how to hold the instrument, proper posture and good basic technique. There will be progression through fingering, bowing, tunes and ornamentation.

Read More

Fleadh Tunes for the Fiddle

This course is geared at not only the Fleadh competitor, but also any fiddle player who wants to learn tunes best suited to the fiddle. It will begin with simple dance tunes and slow airs.

Read More

Clare Fiddle Styles

This is a lively collection of jigs, reels and hornpipes taught by the renowned Clare fiddler Tola Custy. Most of the thirteen tunes taught originate from Co. Clare, which Tola learnt from local players such as...

Read More

Donegal Fiddle Styles

In this course, Aidan passes down the skills, knowledge and repertoire from the great Donegal fiddlers to the fiddle students of OAIM. All the tunes taught are firmly rooted in the Donegal tradition...

Read More

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Tola Custy

Tola Custy

Tola Custy comes from Toonagh in County Clare. His father, Frank was the local primary school teacher and also inspired many people to play traditional music. Names such as James Cullinane, Siobhan Peoples Sharon Shannon, as well as Tola himself all owe their musical beginnings to him. Thus music has been a friend to Tola since he was able to walk...[Read More]

Aidan O'Donnell

Aidan O'Donnell

TG4 Young Musician of the Year 2010 Aidan O'Donnell has been described as one of the finest young Irish musicians at present. He began his music making at the age of 12, and since then has performed with some of traditional music's finest artists, including Donal Lunny, Micheal Ó' Suilleabháin and the Chieftains...[Read More]

Majella Bartley

Majella Bartley

All Ireland champion flute player, Majella Bartley, hails from Corcaghan in Co. Monaghan. She is a respected flute and fiddle teacher, tutoring at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance as well as at national and international summer schools and workshops such as Scoil Eigse, Fiddle Festival of Wales, Kilkenny Celtic Festival and the British and North American Convention of Comhaltas...[Read More]