Concertina Basics

This course is designed to equip the beginner with all the rudiments necessary to play Irish music on the concertina. It begins with a series of three free lessons then progresses through to the fifteen main subscription lessons. How to hold the instrument, proper hand / finger posture, the use of the air button and alternate fingering are all important fundaments that will be addressed in the early lessons. There will be a progressive study of scales, ornamentation, use of chords and octave playing throughout the eighteen lessons. The 'Concertina Basics' course will equip the  beginner with the necessary rudiments to begin a journey down the long and adventurous road of Irish concertina playing.  By the end of the course, the learner will have a repertoire of seventeen popular Irish tunes, the ability to play cuts, rolls, chords and octaves and will have a deeper understanding of the Irish music tradition.

This is the very first OAIM course to have accompanying animated diagrams. When Edel is teaching each tune slowly, phrase by phrase, there are graphic inserts of each side of the concertina, with highlighted buttons showing where to press and when to push or pull. We are convinced that learning the concertina with these innovative lessons couldn't be made easier!

Concertina Basics
OAIM Free 'Concertina Basics' Lessons

Free Concertina Basics Lesson #1

This is the first of six introductory lessons for the concertina. Hand and finger positioning will be demonstrated and...

Free Concertina Basics Lesson #2

In this lesson Edel will teach the tune 'Maggie in the Woods' in the key of G major. Before doing so, she will demonstrate and...

Free Concertina Basics Lesson #3

Terry Teehan's Polka is the tune taught in this lesson. Edel will discuss the use of the air button in this tutorial.

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Concertina Lesson 4: Johnny Will you Marry me? (fling)

In this lesson, Edel will teach a lively fling called 'Johnny Will You Marry Me' in the key of G major.


Concertina Lesson 5: Green Grow the Rushes (fling)

In this lesson Edel will teach the Fling 'Green Grow the Rushes'. Edel frequently plays this tune in a set.


Concertina Lesson 6: John McHugh's Jig (jig)

This lesson will feature the tune 'John McHugh's Jig'. In it, Edel will continue her study of the triplet.


Concertina Lesson 7: A Hundred Pipers (jig) Gmaj

In this lesson Edel will teach the Jig ' A Hundred Pipers' in the key of G major. Edel will discuss alternate fingering throughout the course of this tutorial. She will also introduce the chord of G to enhance the phrase endings of the tune.


Concertina Lesson 8: Bantry Bay (hornpipe) G maj

'Bantry Bay' is the Hornpipe taught in this tutorial. Edel continues her study of triplets and the use of alternative fingering for the high D and E.


Concertina Lesson 9: E minor jig

'In this lesson, the Jig 'The Boys of Tandragee' will be taught in the key of E minor. The embellishment 'the roll' will be demonstrated, discussed, and incorporated into the tune . Triplets and chords will also feature in this tutorial.


Concertina Lesson 10: The Maid of Feakle, (reel)...

This lesson will feature the Reel 'The Maid of Feakle'. Edel will start this lesson with an introduction to the key of A major, followed by a discussion on alternate fingering.


Concertina Lesson 11: Feakle Jig, Dmin

The tune 'The Feakle Jig' will be taught in this lesson. Edel will discuss playing in the key of D minor and will feature cuts and chords in the course of the tutorial.


Concertina Lesson 12: Sporting Paddy (reel) Amin

In this lesson the tune 'Sporting Paddy' will be taught. This is a well known traditional reel based around A minor with lots of scope to practice the A roll!


Concertina Lesson 13: The Carrigkerry Slide

In this lesson the tune 'The Carrigkerry Slide' will be taught. Edel focuses on the ornament 'the cut' in this lesson. She will also introduce the 'octaving' technique.


Concertina Lesson 14: Con Cassidy's Slide Gmaj

In this lesson, the tune 'Con Cassidy's Slide' will be taught. This tune was introduced in the previous lesson; Edel plays it in a set with 'The Carrigkerry Slide'.


Concertina Lesson 15: An Spealadoir (hornpipe)...

In this lesson the Hornpipe 'An Spealadoir' will be taught in the key of D major.


Concertina Lesson 16: Joe Banes (barndance) Gmaj

This lesson will feature the tune 'Joe Banes Barndance'. Edel will focus upon chords in this lesson as there is great opportunity to incorporate them in this particular tune.


Concertina Lesson 17: Dan the Cobbler (jig) Dmaj

In this lesson the Jig 'Dan the Cobbler' will be taught in the key of D major.


Concertina Lesson 18: Tomeen O'Dea's (reel) Gmaj

'Tomeen O'Dea's Reel' will be taught in this lesson in the key of G Major.


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Tunes Taught
  • Maggie in the Wood
  • Terry Teehan's
  • Johnny Will You Marry Me
  • John McHugh's Jig
  • A Hundred Pipers
  • Bantry Bay
  • The Maid of Feakle
  • Feakle Jig
  • Sporting Paddy
  • The Carrigkerry Slide
  • Con Cassidy's
  • An Spealadoir
  • Joe Banes
  • Dan the Cobbler
  • Tomeen O'Dea's

Tutor Info

Edel Fox

Edel Fox

Edel Fox is a concertina player from Miltown Malbay Co. Clare. She began playing at the age of 7 and was fortunate to be brought up in an area and environment where traditional music was in abundance. Edel learnt much of her music from concertina players Noel Hill, Dymphna O’Sullivan, Tim Collins and Tony O’Connell...[Read More]