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Xaquin Facal

The effort you make to present the tunes step by step

"There are lots of tunes to learn and I like the selection in both [flute]courses –I'm working the first lessons, and it's very rewarding to see how I'm getting on, that's in part due to the hard work you've done and the effort you make to present the tunes step by step, in a very helpful way, so thank you very much."

Xaquín Facal, Spain

OAIM Tenor Banjo Courses

Banjo Technique

This  course is aimed at the improving banjo player who has already mastered the basics of the instrument. Paddy introduces a wide array of banjo techniques in his series of twelve lessons including triplets, slides, flicks, position playing, using chords, & methods...

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OAIM Free Banjo Lessons

Lesson 1

'The Boyne Hunt'

The reel 'The Boyne Hunt' is taught in this lesson with focus on the triplet technique. Read More

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Paddy Cummins

Paddy Cummins

I was born in Drimnagh, Dublin and began playing music at nine years of age. My father played a little bit on the mandolin and, after I asked him if he would teach me how to play, he gave me the few tunes he had. For two years, I messed about with the little banjo-mandolin…[Read More]