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Tin Whistle Lessons & Courses from OAIM

There are few sounds as distinguishable as the high pitched-blast of the Tin Whistle. Loud, melodic and harmonious, it is also known as the penny whistle. This six-holed instrument provides a distinctive compliment to the Celtic Bodhrán and Irish jigs we love and know. Learn Tin Whistle with the help of our dedicated tutors and their extensively designed Tin Whistle lessons.

Our courses are designed around developing the style and techniques for all abilities. From the beginner whistler, to the penny whistle veterans, our courses will supply you with the skills you need.

OAIM Tin Whistle Courses

Whistle Basics

This course is aimed at the absolute beginner whistle player. It begins with a series of six free lessons then progresses through to the twelve main subscription lessons. How to hold the instrument, proper hand / finger posture and good basic technique...

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Tin Whistle Foundations

The course 'Tin Whistle Foundations' is a continuation from Kirsten's last course 'Whistle Basics'. In it she explores simple tin- whistle embellishments such as the cut, tap, roll and the slide. Emphasis is placed on breathing, phrasing, variation and rhythm ..

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Expert Whistle Skills #1

The aim of this course is to discover and enhance the learner's own playing style, and to increase their confidence through learning and incorporating a wide range of ornaments, variations and other advanced stylistic features such as crans, trills, slides...

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Expert Whistle Skills #2

Expert Whistle Skills 2 is designed to follow on from the original Expert Whistle Skills. In this course Thomas continues to explore more advanced whistle techniques such as the trill, vibrato, different types of rolls and tonguing...

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Expert Whistle Skills #3

This course is an abundant study of technique, packed with bounces, cranns, rolls, double rolls, trills, backward stitches, open backward stitches, backward rolls and triplets! It is not only for the whistler but is relevant to the..

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OAIM Foreign Language Tin Whistle Courses

Tin Whistle-Grundkurs

Dieser Kurs richtet sich an Anfänger auf der Tin Whistle. Die ersten sechs Lektionen sind kostenlos, darauf folgen die elf Hauptlektionen, die abonniert werden können. Wichtige Grundlagen, zum Beispiel, wie man die Flöte hält, die richtige Hand- und Fingerstellung und eine...

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Cours Debutants de Tin Whistle

Le cours est proposé sous forme de leçons. La première leçon du cours est gratuite. Les douze leçons suivantes sont incluses avec la souscription. Ensemble nous découvrons l'instrument: la position des mains, le doigté, la gamme de base, l'octave, comment séparer les notes...

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Simon Graham

[OAIM has] saved me so much hassle, time and money!

"I absolutely love this online school. It's saved me so much hassle, time and money. It's especially good for me being on the move all the time. Thanks to you, I am now playing the Irish bouzouki and flute, now I hope to learn the fiddle."

Simon Graham - Co. Antrim, Ireland

OAIM Free Beginner Tin Whistle Lessons

Lesson 1

Whistle Basics - Free Lesson 1

This is an introductory lesson for the tin whistle. Hand and finger positioning will be demonstrated and explained. By the end... Read More

Lesson 2

Whistle Basics - Free Lesson 2

In this lesson a very simple Irish Polka will be taught. This tune is designed to follow on... Read More

Lesson 3

Whistle Basics - Free Lesson 3

Another simple Irish Polka called 'We Won't Go Home Until the Morning' will be taught in this lesson. Additional exercises...Read More

Lesson 4

Whistle Basics - Free Lesson 4

The Song Air for a very popular Irish song will be taught in this class. The scale of G Major... Read More

Lesson 5

Whistle Basics - Free Lesson 5

Another lively Polka will be taught in this lesson, called 'Britches Full of Stitches'. Kirsten will continue her study of the scale...Read More

Lesson 6

Free Lesson 6

In this lesson, a popular Mazurka from Donegal will be taught - 'Shoe the Donkey'. Kirsten will continue her study of the scale... Read More

Gratislektion 1

Gratislektion 1 im Whistle-Grundkurs

In dieser Lektion wird die Tin Whistle vorgestellt. Die richtige Stellung von Hand und Fingern wird vorgezeigt und erklärt.. Read More

Lesson 2

Gratislektion 2 im Whistle-Grundkurs

In dieser Lektion lernen die Teilnehmenden eine ganz einfache irische Polka namens „The Rattlin´ Bog“.. Read More

Lesson 3

Gratislektion 3 im Whistle-Grundkur

In dieser Lektion lernen die Teilnehmenden eine zweite einfache irische Polka - „We Won´t Go Home Until the Morning“..Read More

Lesson 4

Gratislektion 4 im Whistle-Grundkur

In dieser Lektion lernen die Teilnehmenden die Melodie zum sehr bekannten irischen Lied „I´ll Tell My Ma“. Am Anfang der Lektion wird die G-Dur-Tonleiter vorgestellt. Read More

Lesson 5

Gratislektion 5 im Whistle-Grundkur

In dieser Lektion lernen die Teilnehmenden noch eine fröhliche Polka - sie heisst „Britches Full of Stitches“. Ausserdem fährt Kirsten mit Übungen zur G-Dur-Tonleiter..Read More

Lesson 6

Gratislektion 6 im Whistle-Grundkur

In dieser Lektion lernen die Teilnehmenden eine bekannte Mazurka aus Donegal - „Shoe the Donkey“. Ausserdem fährt Kirsten mit Übungen zur G-Dur-Tonleiter fort. Read More

Leçon 1

Leçon 1: 'Introduction'

Dans cette lesson, Gwenn vous initie aux bases du tin whistle ou flageolet, petite flute traditionnelle Irlandaise, en Français. Elle vous apprendra quelques morceaux traditionnels tout en couvrant les points de base du tin whistle. Read More

Leçon 2

Leçon 2: 'Britches full of Stitches'

Dans cette lesson, Gwenn vous apprend la polka traditionnel qui s’appelle “britches full of stitches”, en français “le pantalon couvert de raccommodages". Read More

OAIM Free Intermediate Tin Whistle Lessons

Lesson 1

Paddy Taylor's Jig

This is the first introductory lesson of the course 'Whistle Foundations'. Kirsten will introduce the course before teaching the tune 'Paddy Taylor's Jig'. Read More

OAIM Free Advanced Tin Whistle Lessons

Lesson 1

The Baltimore Salute

This lesson is the first from the 'Expert Whistle Skills #1' course. Thomas Johnson teaches the tune phrase by phrase with focus on the ornamentationion. Read More

Lesson 2

The New Broom

This is the first lesson from 'Whistle Skills #2'. Thomas teaches a lively barndance - a composition of Vincent Broderick . Read More

Lesson 3

The Wandering Minstrel

This lesson is the first from the 'Expert Whistle Skills #3' course. For this lesson, Mikie Smyth focuses on the 'bounce' and articulation. Read More

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Thomas Johnston

Thomas Johnston

From Scotstown in Co. Monaghan, Thomas began learning the uilleann pipes and whistle at an early age. He has enjoyed successes on both instruments… [Read More]

Mikie Smyth

Mikie Smyth

Mikie Smyth began playing the pipes at the age of nine. His first teachers were Colm De Brun and Andy Conroy… [Read More]

Kirsten Allstaff

Kirsten Allstaff

Kirsten Allstaff is a traditional wooden flute and whistle player originally from Scotland. Shortly after graduating from the University of Glasgow where she... [Read More]

Gwenn Frin

Gwenn Frin

Gwenn Frin is a flute/tin whistle player. Originally from Brittany, France, Gwenn fell in love with the Irish wooden flute at an early age… [Read More]