Reels taught at OAIM

Simon Graham

[OAIM has] saved me so much hassle, time and money!

"I absolutely love this online school. It's saved me so much hassle, time and money. It's especially good for me being on the move all the time. Thanks to you, I am now playing the Irish bouzouki and flute, now I hope to learn the fiddle."

Simon Graham - Co. Antrim, Ireland

Tune Tutor Technique Featured InstrumentKey
Rolling in the Rye Grass Kirsten Allstaff Cuts Flute D
Pig Town Kirsten Allstaff Improvement of Tone, Intonation and Breath ControlFlute G
The Mourne Mountains Kirsten Allstaff Physical warm up exercise for flute playing Flute G
The Lass of Ballintra Kirsten Allstaff VariationFlute G
Paddy Mill's Fancy Kirsten Allstaff Breathing in reelsFlute -
John Blessington's Kirsten Allstaff IntonationFlute -
McFadden's Handsome Daughter Kirsten Allstaff Key A majorFlute A maj
The Ashplant Kirsten Allstaff IntonationFlute -
Micho Russell's Reel Kirsten Allstaff OrnamentationFlute -
John Blessington's Kirsten Allstaff BreathingTin Whistle -
Sally Garden's Kirsten Allstaff BreathingTin Whistle -
O'Keefe's Dream Kirsten Allstaff Cuts & TapsTin Whistle -
The Connacht Heifer Kirsten Allstaff RollsTin Whistle -
The Cat that Ate the Candle Kirsten Allstaff Melodic VariationTin Whistle Emin
The Burren Reel Kirsten Allstaff Triplets & Melodic VariationTin Whistle D
Aggie Whyte's Kirsten Allstaff Ornamentation & Tongue ArticulationTin Whistle G
The Maid Behind the Bar Kirsten Allstaff OrnamentationTin Whistle D
The Drunken landlady Kevin Crawford Rhythmic playing & EmbelishmentsFlute Emin
Cleaning the Hen House Kevin Crawford TripletsFlute Emin
Andy McGann's Kevin Crawford Key WorkFlute Dmin
The Drogheda Reel Kevin Crawford Triplets & RollsFlute -
Cormac O'Looney's Kevin Crawford TonguingFlute Gmaj
Farewell to Phillip Lane Kevin Crawford Key of FmajFlute Fmaj
The Rising Sun Kevin Crawford CrannsFlute Dmaj
The Maid of Feakle Edel Fox Scale of AmajAnglo Concertina Amaj
Sporting Paddy Edel Fox A RollAnglo Concertina Amin
Tomeen O'Dea's Edel Fox EmbelishmentsAnglo Concertina Gmaj
Touch Me if You Dare Derek Hickey -B/C Accordion Gmaj
The Drunken Tinker Derek Hickey Triplets & RollsB/C Accordion A
New Custom House Derek Hickey Five Note RollsB/C Accordion Dmod
The Silver Spear Tola Custy Triple BowingFiddle -
Cloudy Day Navigation Tola Custy Chords & Double stoppingFiddle -
Up-Downey Tola Custy VariationFiddle -
Leaba Síoda Tola Custy Slides, Rolls & VariationFiddle -
Gan Ainm Tola Custy Harmonic VariationFiddle B Minor
The Glen of Aherlow Tola Custy Rolls Triplets & VariationFiddle -
Johnny's Wedding Niall Keegan Keywork, Intonation & VariationFlute Amin
The Green Mountain Niall Keegan Phrasing & VariationFlute Dmaj
Frank Delany's Niall Keegan Variation & ImprovisationFlute Gmaj
Gan Aimn Niall Keegan ornamentation, articulation & key-workFlute Gmin
The Boyne Hunt Niall Keegan -Flute Emaj
James Byrne's Reel Aidan O'Donell Up-Bow TechniqueFiddle -
The Glen Rd to Carrick Aidan O'Donell Open & Closed tripletsFiddle -
Séan sa Cheo Aidan O'Donell Position PlayingFiddle -
Bean an Tí Ar Lar Aidan O'Donell Finger DronesFiddle -
Mickey Doherty's Aidan O'Donell Melodic & Percussive CrannsFiddle -
Danny Meehan's Aidan O'Donell Octave DroningFiddle -
The Boys of the Lough Majella Bartley Phrasing and breathingFluteD
The Swallows Tail Majella Bartley Variation - cranns on GFlute Amix
Moneymusk Thomas Johnston Triplets and tonguingTin Whistle D
The New Policeman Thomas Johnston OrnamentationTin Whistle D
The West Clare Reel Thomas Johnston Cranns on the high D and half notesTin Whistle Amin
The Swallows Tail Thomas Johnston Rhythmic variation and octave variationTin Whistle Amix
The Crock of Gold Thomas Johnston Melodic variationTin Whistle G
The Baltimore Salute Thomas Johnston Melodic variation and the half noteTin Whistle G
Moneymusk Thomas Johnston Triplets and tonguingTin Whistle D
The Old Bush
Thomas Johnston Ornamentation, variation and trillsTin Whistle Amin
Phillys' Wedding Reel Thomas Johnston Slides and ti-ka-ta tonguingTin Whistle G
The Humours of Lissadel Thomas Johnston Playing below the intended note & B rollTin Whistle Emin
Terry Tehan's Thomas Johnston Variation - taking out notesTin Whistle Emin
The Dublin Reel Mikie Smyth The Double RollTin Whistle Dmaj
Martin Wynne's Mikie Smyth VariationTin Whistle Gmaj
The Otters Holt Mikie Smyth VariationTin Whistle Bmin
The Bird in the Cage Ernestine Healy Grace notes & RollsAnglo Concertina -
Palmers Gate Ernestine Healy Ornamentation & ChordsAnglo Concertina -
The Five Mile Chase Ernestine Healy Grace notesAnglo Concertina G
The Lobster Ernestine Healy Cuts, Octave, Chords & VariationAnglo Concertina -
Paddy Fahy's No. 18 part 1
Ernestine Healy MelodyAnglo Concertina Gmix
Paddy Fahy's No. 18 part 2
Ernestine Healy Ornamentation and variationAnglo Concertina Gmix
Rolling in the Rye Grass Majella Bartley Bow tripletsFiddle D
The Drunken Landlady Majella Bartley Bow triplets and double stoppingFiddle Emin
The Roscommon Reel Majella Bartley Full roll's and one note bow tripletsFiddle Emin
Palmers Gate Majella Bartley Ornamentation & variationFiddle Emin
The New Policeman Majella Bartley Ornamentation & variationFiddle D
McCahill's Majella Bartley Ornamentation, bowing & rhythmFiddle D
The Braes of Busby part 1
Mikie Smyth -Uilleann Pipes Gmix
The Braes of Busby part 2
Mikie Smyth -Uilleann Pipes Gmix
The Braes of Busby part 3
Mikie Smyth -Uilleann Pipes Gmix
The Caucus Reel Stephen Markham Accompaniment Piano G
Man of the House Stephen Markham Accompaniment Piano Emin
Drag Her Round the Bend Stephen Markham Rhythm in Accompaniment Piano Emin/Gmaj
Drag Her Round the Bend Stephen Markham Accompaniment Piano Emin
The Baltimore Salute Stephen Markham staccato triplet Piano Gmaj
Man of the House Stephen Markham Syncopation Piano Dmaj
The Ships are Sailing Lisa Canny Ornamentation & Syncopation Harp E Dor
A Cup of Tea Lisa Canny Accompaniment Harp E Dor
The Tulla Reel Dáire Mulhern The Triplet & Cut Accordion -
The Red Haired Lass Dáire Mulhern The Roll Accordion -
Drowsy Maggie Dáire Mulhern Variation Accordion -
The Maids of Ardagh Dáire Mulhern Variation Accordion -
The Black Haired Lass Dáire Mulhern Variation Accordion -
The Boyne Hunt Paddy Cummins Triplets Banjo -
Maids of Castlebar Paddy Cummins Three note & Dampened Triplets Banjo -
Tommy Cohen's Reel Paddy Cummins The Flick Banjo -
The Galway Rambler Paddy Cummins Bridging Banjo -
Eileen Curran's Paddy Cummins Four finger technique Banjo -
Hull's Reel Paddy Cummins Key of E major Banjo E maj

OAIM's tune bank provides links to all 250+ tunes taught on-site. The bank is split into the categories: reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, slow airs, songs and a miscellaneous section where all the lovely barndances, polkas and flings can be found. Subscribers can click on the links that will then transport them directly to the class. The technique that is focused upon in each lesson is also featured in the tune bank; so if there is a specific technique you wish to work on - browse the bank to find a lesson addressing it.

Here at OAIM we strongly advocate taking lessons from a tutor of a different instrument; Fluters - try out one of Ernestine's concertina tutorials and attempt to replicate all the cranns and cuts on the flute. Fiddlers - listen to Mikie Smyth's pipe tutorials and see if you can imitate his drones. Bodhrán and Bouzouki players - well you now have hundreds of tunes onsite to practice your accompaniment. The tune bank also stipulates the key each tune is taught in, so if its Eminor you need to practice - just scroll down the list!

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