Slip Jig's taught at OAIM

Tune Tutor Technique Featured InstrumentKey
Fig for a Kiss Kirsten Allstaff Octave jumping Flute Em
The Butterfly Kirsten Allstaff The Slide Tin Whistle -
Na Ceannabhain Bhána Kirsten Allstaff The Cut Tin Whistle -
The Fairy Slip jig Kirsten Allstaff Syncopation Tin Whistle D
Tam in Arrears Kirsten Allstaff Different Types of Whistles Tin Whistle G
The Red Haired Girl Kevin Crawford Key Work Flute -
Give us a Drink of Water Thomas Johnston Advanced variation
Tin Whistle G
The Honey Bee Thomas Johnston Advanced variation & breathing
Tin Whistle G
Swerving for Bunnies Stephen Markham Staccato triplet
Piano G
The Humours of Ballyaunus Lisa Canny Ornamentation & Finger Placement Harp -

OAIM's tune bank provides links to all 250+ tunes taught on-site. The bank is split into the categories: reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, slow airs, songs and a miscellaneous section where all the lovely barndances, polkas and flings can be found. Subscribers can click on the links that will then transport them directly to the class. The technique that is focused upon in each lesson is also featured in the tune bank; so if there is a specific technique you wish to work on - browse the bank to find a lesson addressing it.

Here at OAIM we strongly advocate taking lessons from a tutor of a different instrument; Fluters - try out one of Ernestine's concertina tutorials and attempt to replicate all the cranns and cuts on the flute. Fiddlers - listen to Mikie Smyth's pipe tutorials and see if you can imitate his drones. Bodhrán and Bouzouki players - well you now have hundreds of tunes onsite to practice your accompaniment. The tune bank also stipulates the key each tune is taught in, so if its Eminor you need to practice - just scroll down the list!

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