Harp Technique

In this course Lisa teachers twelve tunes specifically chosen to help improve and master different techniques on the harp. She examines and demonstrates fundamental techniques such as placing, fingering and hand position through to more complex ones such as ornamentation, variation and the dampening of the strings. Jigs, Reels, Waltz, Slip Jigs. Barndances, Flings, Polkas and an Air are all included, covering a wide spectrum of tune types that are appropriate to various levels of playing and that cover a wide variety of techniques. In each class Lisa will typically teach the tune phrase by phrase, the right hand on it's own, followed by the left hand accompaniment before playing through the tune slowly with both hands together. By the end of the course, you can expect to have a broader reportoire of tunes that sit well on the harp, improved technique that will ultimately help you to play with greater speed, with a stronger tone and clearer ornamentation.



The Ballydesmond Polka

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 1

A Minor | Level 2 | Melody

Introduction to the course and harp technique. Focus on left hand variation



Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 2

Level 2 | Melody

Hand and Finger Positioning, plucking and weight distribution

Focus on Technique

Lucy Farr's Barndance

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 3

G Major | Level 2 | Melody

'Crossing Under' technique, triplets and cuts.


Frank Thornton's

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 4

E Minor | Level 2 | Melody

'Cross Over' Technique, Cuts


Going to the Well for Water

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 5

D Major | Level 2 | Melody

Trebles, triplets, plucking technique and cuts!


Tyrell's Pass

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 6

G Major | Level 2 | Melody

Hand and Finger Positioning, Cross Over Technique, Trebles and Cuts!


The Humours of Ballymaunus

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 7

D Major | Level 2 | Melody

Demonstration of the use of 'tenths' in the left hand accompaniment and cuts.

Slip Jig

An Válsa Snamh

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 8

A Major | Level 2 | Melody

Demonstration of the use of triads and inverted triads in the left hand accompaniment.


The Ships are Sailing

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 9

E Minor | Level 2 | Melody

Syncopation in Left Hand Accompaniment. Continuation in study of ornamentation.


Cití na gCumann

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 10

A Mixolydian | Level 2 | Melody

Playing of Slow Airs / Ornamentation

Slow Air

O' Carolan's Draught

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 11

D Major | Level 2 | Melody

Hand and Finger Positioning and Blade Changing


Gan Ainm

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 12

F Major | Level 2 | Melody

Demonstration of how to Dampen the Strings with the left hand and Ornamentation.


A Cup of Tea

Intermediate Harp Technique Lesson 13

E Minor | Level 2 | Melody

Left hand Variation


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