Mandolin Progressions

Mandolin Progressions, taught by Paddy Cummins, is designed to follow on from Mandolin Basics.  The aim of the course is to take the Mandolin player who already has a few simple tunes up their sleeve to the next level of playing.  Focus will be placed on slightly more challenging techniques: triplets, hammer-on techniques, pull-offs, flicks, cuts, slides, variation and the use of moveable chords.  

Paddy will teach some tunes in more challenging keys as the mastering of complex finger shapes will mould the player into a more flexible musician.  He will also present a tutorial on the well known Slow Air ‘A Stor Mo Chroi’.  By the end of this course, the player can expect to have broadened his / her repertoire into a range of different tune types, have a thorough knowledge of various mandolin techniques, and have a deeper understanding of the Irish music tradition.



The Sligo Maid

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 1

A Minor | Level 2 | Melody

The three note triplet.


Harvest Home

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 2

D Major | Level 2 | Melody

Back to back triplets


The Reel of Sceachog

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 3

A Major | Level 2 | Melody

Hammer-on Technique


James McMahon's

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 4

D Major | Level 2 | Melody

Technique: Pull-offs, Flicks and Cuts


The Walls of Liscannor

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 5

E Minor | Level 2 | Melody



Molly Malone

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 6

E Major | Level 2 | Melody

Moveable Chords


George White's Favorite

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 7

E♭Major | Level 2 | Melody

Challenging Keys: E Flat


George White's Favorite

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 8

E Major | Level 2 | Melody

Challenging Keys: E Major


A Stor Mo Chroi

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 9

A Minor | Level 2 | Melody

Slow Air Playing on the Mandolin

Slow Air

Wallace's Cross

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 10

E Minor | Level 2 | Melody

The Pulse of Polka Playing


O'Keefe's Slide

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 11

E Minor | Level 2 | Melody

Slide Rhythm


The Girl That Broke My Heart

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 12

G Mixolydian | Level 2 | Melody

Melodic variation


The Valve Bounce Reel

Mandolin Progressions Lesson 13

E Mixolydian | Level 2 | Melody

Onwards and Upwards


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