Irish Tenor Banjo Tecnique

This Banjo Technique course is aimed at the improving banjo player who has already mastered the basics of the instrument. Paddy Cummin's introduces a wide array of banjo techniques in his series of twelve lessons including triplets, slides, flicks, position playing, using chords, methods of creating tonal variation on the banjo, melodic variation and bridging. As the lessons progress, the ornamentation and technique's taught progressively advance. The tunes that Paddy teaches are predominantly well known popular session tunes; he teaches a different tune each lesson and uses it to demonstrate a new technique. In the course of these lessons, Paddy continually builds on the techniques introduced in previous lessons. By the end of the series, the student will have a firm grasp of various Irish tenor banjo techniques and a new repertoire of twelve popular Irish dance tunes that fit well on the banjo.



Toss The Feathers

Banjo Technique Lesson 1

D Mixolydian | Level 3 | Melody

The Conventional Triplet


Toss The Feathers

Banjo Technique Lesson 2

D Mixolydian | Level 3 | Melody

Triplet Progressions: 2 and 3 note triplets, dampened triplets, back to back triplets…


Banjo Technique Lesson 3

Level 3 | Melody

Three string versus four string method of banjo technique


Fred Finn's

Banjo Technique Lesson 4

D Major | Level 3 | Melody



The Boys of Ballisodare

Banjo Technique Lesson 5

F Major | Level 3 | Melody

Bridging Progressions


Séan sa Cheo

Banjo Technique Lesson 6

A Mixolydian | Level 3 | Melody

3rd and 5th Position Playing


The Cliffs of Moher

Banjo Technique Lesson 7

E Minor | Level 3 | Melody

Plectrum motion when playing Jigs


Bunker Hill

Banjo Technique Lesson 9

Level 3 | Melody

Playing in B Major


Killavil Postman

Banjo Technique Lesson 10

G Major | Level 3 | Accompaniment



The Galway Hornpipe

Banjo Technique Lesson 11

D Major | Level 3 | Melody

Tone Variation


The Tempest

Banjo Technique Lesson 12

D Minor | Level 3 | Melody

Melodic variation and the use of accidentals / Chromatic Notes


Killarney Boys of Pleasure

Banjo Technique Lesson 13

E Minor | Level 3 | Melody

Flicks, Cuts and Pull-offs


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