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Since the 1970s the guitar has replaced the piano as the favoured form of accompaniment for many Irish traditional musicians. It is much more portable and, in many cases, provides the musician with more subtle accompaniment approaches.  Many people say they would love to learn to play the guitar, and here at OAIM we have a range of guitar courses tailored to different tastes. If you want to delve into the open DADGAD tuning, M.J. McMahon will guide you through all of the fundamentals and techniques to get you to a solid standard. Or, perhaps you're more interested in standard tuning. Cillian O'Dalaigh and Jean Damei both have courses aimed at various playing levels. And if backing songs is more up your street, then we have Jon O'Connell's course on popular Irish pub songs to give you some ideas from an accompaniment perspective.

OAIM Guitar Courses

Guitar Basics (Accompaniment)

The aim of this course is to learn how to accompany Irish traditional music on the guitar using standard tuning. Jean examines the chords, structure and rhythms of some of the most typical tunes types and keys in Irish music, such as the reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes and waltzes. Throughout the lesson you will have an overview of different modes and styles of accompaniment. Jean picked a selection of well-known tunes to demonstrate the taught skills and techniques including Gallagher’s frolics, Out on the Ocean, the Kid on the Mountain, The Man of the House and many more. Some [.. Read More]

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Popular Irish Pub Songs

Ever wanted to learn some popular Irish songs? Do you have a guitar kicking around the house in need of a strum? If so, Jon's course is just for you! Learn how to accompany some of Irelands best known folk songs using the simplest of chord patterns. Jon discusses various aspects of accompaniment on the guitar: strumming patterns, finger plucking techniques, the use of smooth chord transitions, hammer-ons, walk ups and descending chord patterns. Most of the emphasis is on the guitar accompaniment rather than vocal technique. Songs include Spancil Hill, The Irish Rover, Foggy Dew, The Cliffs of Dooneen, [.. Read More]

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DADGAD Guitar Foundations (Accompaniment)

The aim of this course is to learn how to accompany Irish music on the guitar. MJ uses the alternative tuning system - DADGAD in his tutorials as this is particularly suited to Irish and other Celtic music genres due to it's modal nature. The first half of the course will examine the chords, chord structures and strumming patterns of some of the more typical tune types and keys in the Irish tradition; the Jig, Reel, Slip Jig and Hornpipe focusing on the keys of D, G, Em and Am. MJ then progresses onto other techniques; the use of sliding [.. Read More]

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Guitar Progressions (Accompaniment)

The aim of this course is to learn how to accompany Irish music on the guitar using standard tuning accompaniment. Cillian examines the chords, chord structures and strumming patterns of some of the more typical tune types and keys in the Irish tradition; the Jig, Reel, SlipJig and Hornpipe focusing on a variety of different keys and modes. He picks a selection of well know tunes to demonstrate the taught skills and techniques including Lucy Campbells, The Rose in the Heather, Sally Gardens, The Earl’s Chair and The Morning Dew. Some of the skills and techniques he gives focus to [.. Read More]

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Guitar Technique (Accompaniment)

This course builds beautifully on Cillian’s previous course ‘Guitar Progressions’ and takes the art of accompaniment to a whole new level. A knowledge of how to play Guitar in standard tuning is a prerequisite. Cillian chooses a selection of well known tunes from the Irish tradition to demonstrate styles and techniques that focus on a variety of rhythms, keys and modes. He skilfully borrows from other genres to spice things up: Calypso rhythms, James Brown, Niall Rodgers, Pachabel’s Canon, and other popular pop riffs all make appearances and contribute to the master accompanist’s repertoire.  Cillian also examines single string accompaniment, dampening and dead strum techniques and the use [.. Read More]

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Foreign Language Course's in Guitar

L'Accompagnement de la Musique Traditionnelle Irlandaise en Accordage Standard

Le but de ces leçons est de vous apprendre à accompagner la musique traditionnelle Irlandaise à la guitare en accordage standard. Vous pourrez étudier les accords, la structure et les rythmes de quelques types de morceaux parmi les plus typiques et quelques tonalités fréquemment utilisées en musique Irlandaise, tels que les Reels, Jigs, Slip Jigs, Hornpipes et Waltzes (Valses). Au cours de ces leçons vous aurez un aperçu de différents modes et styles d’accompagnement. Jean a rassemblé une sélection de morceaux très populaires afin de mettre en pratique les techniques enseignées pendant les cours, des morceaux tels que Gallagher’s frolics, [.. Read More]

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