Why Choose OAIM

The Best Tutors

Here at OAIM, we have a team of hand picked, experienced, dedicated tutors of the highest calibre to teach you Irish music from the heart of the tradition. Our tutors are professional Irish musicians and teachers and lecturers- many being touring professionals and sought-after session musicians.

"The Online Academy of Irish Music combines the benefits of one - to - one tuition with tutors of the highest calibre with easy access to modern e-learning ... Students can access a diverse range of excellent tutors who share their expertise with flair and enthusiasm." Dr Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain Lecturer on the B.A. course in Irish Music and Dance Studies at University Limerick


The Best Value

OAIM is run by musicians just like yourself. We know how difficult it is to part with €20 - €40 for a weekly lesson and that is why we have made it so affordable; for only €4.99 (less than the price of two cafe lattes per week), you can have full access to our ever growing bank of courses and lessons. Furthermore - learn multiple instruments - for no additional cost! We want to help you progress, so we keep the subscription price low and give access to all our teaching materials so that you feel comfortable investing in your music tuition at OAIM.

"Suffice to say the OAIM videos are, to pinch a phrase from Proff Unwin " Thriftymost on your banky balancer" i.e. very good value." Sean Laffey, Irish Music Magazine


So Convenient!!

Enjoy unlimited, 24/7 access to hundreds of Irish music lessons on your computer, ipad, or iphone from the comfort of your own home or on the go! In these times when we are restrained by the two factors of time and money, OAIM is an ideal solution.

The Best Method of Online Learning

With our team of high calibre tutors, we have created a comprehensive e-Learning method for Irish music, to suit any level of playing. Our lessons are grouped together in structured courses consisting of 10 - 12 high quality lessons. Simply choose your instrument, your course, then start with the first lesson. Each lesson builds on the previous one so by the end of the course, you will have built up a bank of techniques in your playing and a new repertoire of tunes. With OAIM, it is really easy to learn at your own pace. You can rewind your teacher as many times as you like! Have fun learning and don't feel self conscious or inhibited. Don't forget - it is only you and your computer! All our lessons are video based and our tutors advocate learning by ear, phrase by phrase. Don't worry if you are not yet proficient at learning by ear; most of the lessons contain downloadable PDF's of the sheet music or song lyrics,. Even better, there are downloadable mp3's of the tunes with each lesson. With OAIM's structured courses, you will learn effectively and make progress at a faster pace than other less structured teaching methods.

"Traditional teaching methods are combined with modern technology ...This system is user friendly, efficient and offers an excellent service to those who wish to develop their knowledge of traditional music" Dr Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain Lecturer on the B.A. course in Irish Music and Dance Studies at University Limerick

New courses released monthly. Find out more at How it Works? Join an Active Global Community Here at OAIM , we offer a much needed sense of community, that is accessable to all. When you join OAIM, you are joining a community of Irish music learners and lovers from all over the world who share one thing in common - they want to be better musicians. Meet with other students at a similar stage to discuss the lessons and your personal progress in the classroom chat forum.