Cillian Ó’Dálaigh

Cillian currently plays with Irish band, 'The Outside Track'. Born In Hamburg Germany, to a German mother and an Irish father, Cillian O’Dálaigh has been surrounded by Irish music from day one. Cillian’s father played with Irish band, Cromlach and Cillian learned from him – and learned well. The family moved to Ireland when Cillian was 8 years of age and Irish music quickly became a major part of their family life when they formed the family band, Trazz, including all the O’Dálaigh brothers, one sister and their father. Performing on stage with Trazz since he was fourteen, Cillian has toured extensively in Ireland, Germany, France and the UK as both a guitarist and flute player. Cillian has recently graduated with a BA in Irish Music and Dance from the University of Limerick.

Courses Cillian Ó’Dálaigh Teaches:

Guitar Progressions (Accompaniment)

The aim of this course is to learn how to accompany Irish music on the guitar using standard tuning accompaniment. Cillian examines the chords, chord structures and strumming patterns of some of the more typical tune types and keys in the Irish tradition; the Jig, Reel, SlipJig and Hornpipe focusing on a variety of different keys and modes. He picks a selection of well know tunes to demonstrate the taught skills and techniques including Lucy Campbells, The Rose in the Heather, Sally Gardens, The Earl’s Chair and The Morning Dew. Some of the skills and techniques he gives focus to [.. Read More]

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Guitar Technique (Accompaniment)

This course builds beautifully on Cillian’s previous course ‘Guitar Progressions’ and takes the art of accompaniment to a whole new level. A knowledge of how to play Guitar in standard tuning is a prerequisite. Cillian chooses a selection of well known tunes from the Irish tradition to demonstrate styles and techniques that focus on a variety of rhythms, keys and modes. He skilfully borrows from other genres to spice things up: Calypso rhythms, James Brown, Niall Rodgers, Pachabel’s Canon, and other popular pop riffs all make appearances and contribute to the master accompanist’s repertoire.  Cillian also examines single string accompaniment, dampening and dead strum techniques and the use [.. Read More]

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