Paddy Cummins

Paddy Cummins was born and reared in Drimnagh, Dublin and began experimenting with music at nine years of age. His first instrument of choice was the mandolin, as played by his father, then the guitar before eventually being saddled with a banjo aged fourteen. Paddy attended some brief tuition a Comhaltas branches in Monkstown but is largely self-taught and spent his teenage years completely dedicated to his music practice.

After finishing in secondary school, Paddy enrolled at University of Limerick's BA in Irish Music & Dance and was mentored by John Carty. He also received masterclass tuition from established players such as Enda Scahill, Kieran Hanrahan, Cathal Hayden, Angelina Carberry and Brian McGrath. Paddy graduated from the course with a first class honours in 2013. 

That same year he founded a 7-piece traditional music group called Skipper's Alley and, with them, recorded an album. It was well received and won the prestigious Loic Raison trophy at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient.    Since then Skipper’s Alley have featured on Irish prime TV - The Late Late show, as well as headling gigs and festivals with other bands. Paddy still plays with Skipper's Alley and makes a living from music full-time playing on Dublin's Temple Bar circuit as well as further afield, and also from giving private tuition. 

His interest in music is broad ranging from Irish traditional to country to techno and much more besides. He still plays guitar on a regular basis and can knock a tune out of the flute on a good day!" 

Courses Paddy Cummins Teaches:

Mandolin Basics

This course is aimed at the absolute beginner mandolin player. It begins with a series of six free lessons then progresses through to the twelve main subscription lessons. How to hold the instrument, proper hand / finger posture and good basic technique are all important fundaments that will be addressed in the early lessons. There will be a progressive study of scales, plectrum motions, and ornamentation throughout the series of lessons. The 'Mandolin Basics' course will equip the beginner player with the necessary rudiments to journey along the adventurous road of Irish music making. By the end of the course, [.. Read More]

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Mandolin Progressions

Mandolin Progressions, taught by Paddy Cummins, is designed to follow on from Mandolin Basics.  The aim of the course is to take the Mandolin player who already has a few simple tunes up their sleeve to the next level of playing.  Focus will be placed on slightly more challenging techniques: triplets, hammer-on techniques, pull-offs, flicks, cuts, slides, variation and the use of moveable chords.   Paddy will teach some tunes in more challenging keys as the mastering of complex finger shapes will mould the player into a more flexible musician.  He will also present a tutorial on the well known Slow [.. Read More]

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Irish Tenor Banjo Technique

This Banjo Technique course is aimed at the improving banjo player who has already mastered the basics of the instrument. Paddy Cummin's introduces a wide array of banjo techniques in his series of twelve lessons including triplets, slides, flicks, position playing, using chords, methods of creating tonal variation on the banjo, melodic variation and bridging. As the lessons progress, the ornamentation and technique's taught progressively advance. The tunes that Paddy teaches are predominantly well known popular session tunes; he teaches a different tune each lesson and uses it to demonstrate a new technique. In the course of these lessons, Paddy [.. Read More]

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