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Ian Wilson

OAIM provides a well-structured and progressive approach to technique and ornamentation

"The OAIM's Flute Foundations course with Kirsten Allstaff is probably the best wooden flute tuition I have come across (and thats compared with private lessons and group workshops). As well as some great tunes, it provides a well-structured and progressive approach to technique and ornamentation. Thoroughly recommended!"

Ian Wilson, Edinburgh - Scotland

OAIM Piano Courses

Irish Piano Foundations - Melody& Accompaniment

Irish Piano Foundations is a course aimed at the player who can already play the piano but who wishes to learn or improve on the primary foundations of playing and..

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Piano Tunes and Accompaniment

This course is for the intermediate to advanced piano player. It is suitable for those who already play traditional music as well as those who want to branch into ...

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OAIM Free Piano Lessons

Lesson 1

Irish Piano Foundations: Lesson 1

In this introductory lesson to the course 'Irish Piano Foundations - Melody and Accompaniment', Stephen teaches the jig 'The Hole in the Hedge', in the key of C major. Read More

Lesson 1

Piano Tunes & Accompaniment: Sample Lesson

This lesson will teach the slip-jig, "Swerving for Bunnies". This is a new tune composed by harpist Ailie Robertson Read More

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Stephen Markham

Stephen Markham

Stephen is from Ennis, Co. Clare, a known hotbed of Irish traditional music. As both a melody piano player and accompanist, he completed his academy grades in classical music while being heavily influenced by Irish traditional music and Cape Breton piano accompaniment. Stephen has won All-Ireland titles in…[Read More]