Play Along Backing Tracks with OAIM

How do you go from Learning an Instrument to Playing in a Live Session?

This is where our Play-Along Backing Tracks tool comes in.

This original tool will help you accelerate your learning giving you a head start before you venture out to play a live session. The Play-Along Backing Tracks feature means you can playback a tune at 50%, 75% or 100% speed.

The trick to learning to play a tune is to start very slowly at first to ensure accuracy, focusing on playing the right notes. Only after this is achieved should you consider working on speeding up your playing, or adding in some style and ornamentation.

As your confidence grows, why not try out our Virtual Reality Sessions where you get to try out a “simulated” session, one where any errors you make, luckily, will be in the privacy of your own home;-)

Members get access to a Backing Track library of almost 200 tunes that they can modify the speed and arrangement of to play along with as a truly original and valuable practice tool.

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Sheet Music for Kilmaley Reel and Higgins Hornpipe

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The trick to efficient practice and improvement is to keep one's practice sessions enjoyable. I love to jam along with the accompaniment tracks in Play Along Backing Tracks. For me, it brings the tunes to life. The accompaniment tracks provide both a rhythmic structure as well as a chordal structure for me to keep my intonation and rhythm in check while I’m playing.

Kirsten Allstaff, Professional Flautist & Musical Director, OAIM

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