In the 1950s George Ross, Sonny Brogan and, most revered, Paddy O’Brien pioneered a two-row system of accordion playing with a B/C fingering system. This changed the course of accordion music in Ireland and was further compounded by the masterful Joe Burke. The B/C style of Irish accordion was very legato and ornamented. We have two courses for aspiring accordionists. Derek Hickey gives you all the basics and Daire Mulhern provides intermediate tuition for the progressing student. Both programmes focus on the B/C fingering system.

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Button Accordion Courses

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

derek hickey online button accordion lessons

B/C Accordion Basics

with Derek Hickey

  • Basic

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Learn Irish Button Accordion Online

B/C Accordion Foundations

with Dáire Mulhern

  • Intermediate

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