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Ireland’s indigenous bagpipes take their name from the Irish word for ‘elbow’ alluding to the air-bag and bellows which the elbows operate. Air is pumped from the bellow into the bag and then from the bag into a reed in the chanter. Piping is considered a very important part of the Irish tradition. The solo playing of the pipes has a special place of its own in the tradition and to a large extent developed separately from the rest of the tradition.

Uilleann Pipes Basics is aimed at the absolute beginner and taught by Tom Delany. It is a really well thought out course, that will guide you skillfully step by step from zero to some of the most popular piping tunes on the circuit. Like all OAIM tutorials, the video quality is superb. You are presented with two shots of the teacher in the frame: one zoomed in to show the fingering and a smaller thumbnail to give you the overview of the poise of the musician as he plays so that you can mimic the style.

Uilleann Pipes Technique, taught by Mikie Smyth, looks into a lot of technical aspects of uilleann pipe playing. If you have a handle on the basics of piping and want to push the boundaries of your ability then check out Mikie’s course at OAIM.

All of our tutors are Irish music professionals carefully selected for individual mastery in their instruments and proven ability in teaching their craft. All our courses follow the traditional way of learning Irish music, using the ‘phrase by phrase’ technique for teaching tunes while watching the tutor to learn good technique. Using this time-honoured, proven system of Irish musical tuition, combined with the latest technology (Virtual Reality anyone?!), we bring Irish music tuition to you, wherever you are in the world.

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Learn Irish Uilleann Pipes Online

Uilleann Pipes Technique

with Mikie Smyth

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Tom Delany Uilleann Pipes

Uilleann Pipes Basics

with Tom Delany

  • Basic

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