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Patti Hughes

You have helped me consciously correct some of my bad habits!

"I am LOVING your instruction and so very glad that I have subscribed to lessons with OAIM ! You have also helped me consciously correct some of my bad habits."

Patti Hughes - Michigan, USA

OAIM Free Beginner Concertina Lessons

Lesson 1

Concertina Basics - Free Lesson 1

This is the first of six introductory lessons for the concertina. Hand and finger positioning will be demonstrated and... Read More

Lesson 2

Concertina Basics - Free Lesson 2

In this lesson Edel will teach the tune 'Maggie in the Woods' in the key of G major. Before doing so, she will demonstrate and... Read More

Lesson 3

Concertina Basics - Free Lesson 3

Terry Teehan's Polka is the tune taught in this lesson. Edel will discuss the use of the air button in this tutorial.Read More

OAIM Free Intermediate Concertina Lessons

Lesson 1

Concertina Foundations - Sample Lesson

In this lesson,the polka 'Road to Prizon' is taught, with focus on the ornament 'the cut'. Read More

Lesson 1

Edel's Concertina Skills - Sample Lesson

In this introductory lesson to Anglo Concertina Skills, Edel will teach... Read More

Lesson 2

Ernestine's Concertina Skills - Sample Lesson

Ernestine teaches the reel 'The Lobster',  demonstrating single and double... Read More

Anglo-Concertina Courses Available

Concertina Basics

This course is designed to equip the beginner with all the rudiments necessary to play Irish music on the concertina. It begins with a series of three free lessons then progresses through to the fifteen...

Read More

Concertina Foundations

Concertina foundations is a course aimed at the player who already knows how to play the concertina but who wants to learn or improve on the basic foundations of concertina playing...

Read More

Edel's Concertina Skills

Concertina Skills is aimed at the more experienced Concertina learner. Thirteen tunes are examined throughout the course with each focusing on specific techniques that are...

Read More

Ernestine's Concertina Skills

Concertina skills is a course aimed at the more advanced concertina learner. Six tunes are examined throughout the twelve-week course. These tunes are used to teach specific techniques that are demonstrated...

Read More

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Edel Fox

Edel Fox

Edel Fox is a concertina player from Miltown Malbay Co. Clare. She began playing at the age of 7 and was fortunate to be brought up in an area and environment where traditional music was in abundance. Edel learnt much of her music from concertina players Noel Hill, Dymphna O’Sullivan, Tim Collins and Tony O’Connell...[Read More]

Ernestine Healy

Ernestine Healy

Ernestine hails from County Mayo. A qualified secondary school teacher, she has also worked as a lecturer in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, in the University of Limerick. Having occupied the position of Acting Course Director on the Graduate Diploma in Music Education…[Read More]