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Jon Wooldridge

Fine folks in customer service!

"First, let me thank you for the very prompt and effective response to my request yesterday … Fine folks in customer service can have as much to do with maintaining a patron's membership as the quality of the web site's content.Compliments to the entire team at OAIM. I dabble with all the music listed, except banjo and accordion, and find the time spent with OAIM sessions very rewarding."

Jon Wooldridge - Kansas, USA

OAIM Free Beginner Flute Lessons

Lesson 1

Flute Basics - Free Lesson 1

This is an introductory lesson for the Irish flute course ‘Flute Basics’. Hand, finger.. Read More

Lesson 2

Flute Basics - Free Lesson 2

In this lesson Steph will teach the scale of G on the flute. Read More

Lesson 3

Flute Basics - Free Lesson 3

In this lesson, Steph will teach the tune ‘Tripping to the Well’ in G major.Read More

Lesson 4

Flute Basics - Free Lesson 4

Steph will focus solely on breathing and articulation in this lesson.Read More

Lesson 5

Flute Basics - Free Lesson 5

In this lesson, Steph will focus on how to gain clarity of tone for both the low and high notes.Read More

Lesson 6

Flute Basics - Free Lesson 6

In this lesson, Steph will teach a simple tune in the key of D major called ‘The Rattlin' Bog’.Read More

Lesson 1

The Fisherman's Slip Jig

This lesson is the first from the 'Flute Foundations' course. Kirsten Allstaff teaches the tune phrase by phrase with focus on the ornament - the cut. Read More

OAIM Free Intermediate Flute Lessons

Lesson 2

Micho Russell's Reel

This reel is the first lesson from 'Flute Progressions' Kirsten focuses on ways of strengthening the G roll. Read More

Lesson 3

The Fair Haired Boy

Majella Bartley will go through the tune phrase by phrase, demonstrating rolls, cuts, taps, bounces and variation. Read More

Lesson 1

The Holly Bush

In this lesson, Kirsten will teach a Jig in G major called 'The Holly Bush'. She will discuss and demonstrate... Read More

OAIM Free Advanced Flute Lessons

Lesson 3

The Quakers Wife

In this introductory lesson to the course 'Advanced Irish Flute Technique', Kevin teaches the jig 'The Quaker's Wife', with particular focus on articulation from 'the glottal stop'. Read More

Lesson 1

Willie Coleman's Jig

In this lesson Niall will teach the well known Jig called 'Willie Coleman's'. The focus of this lesson will be on the abundant use of small ornaments - namely short rolls, bounces, Read More

OAIM Irish Flute Courses

Flute Basics

This course is aimed at the absolute beginner flute player. It begins with a series of six free lessons then progresses through to the twelve main subscription lessons. How to hold the instrument with proper hand, lip..

Read More

Flute Foundations

This course is aimed at the flautist who already knows how to play the flute but who wants to improve on the basic foundations of their playing. These foundations include ornamentation, tone, intonation and breath.

Read More

Flute Progressions

This course has been designed to follow on from Kirsten's previous course titled 'Flute Foundations'. The aim of the course is to take flute players whom have already mastered the basics of tone production, ornamentation..

Read More

Irish Flute Skills

Irish Flute Skills is Kirsten's third OAIM flute course. The lessons are designed to follow on from her previous courses Flute Foundations and Flute Progressions. She continues to explore..

Read More

Fleadh Tunes for the Flute

This course will feature dance tunes and slow airs that are suitable for competition playing. With regard to dance tunes there will be a progression through ornamentation, variation, phrasing, articulation, tempo, rhythm..

Read More

Advanced Irish Flute technique

The course 'Advanced Flute Technique' is aimed at the more experienced flute learner. In it, Kevin guides the student through a myriad of cranns, rolls, triplets, back-stitch triplets, key-work and cuts...

Read More

Expert Irish Flute Technique

The course 'Expert Irish Flute Technique' is aimed at the more advanced flute player who would like to specifically target and develop technique in the context of ten tunes. Students will address ornamentation..

Read More

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How to Play Irish Flute

Kevin Crawford

Born in Birmingham, England to parents from Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, Kevin Crawford’s early life was sound-tracked by the resonance of the lively traditional music scene in the midlands city...[Read More]

Online Flute Lessons

Kirsten Allstaff

Kirsten was introduced to both Classical and Irish music as a child. Unlike Classical, Irish music deeply resonates with her. She loves the social and casual aspects of the Irish music tradition and community as much as the music itself.… [Read More]

Steph Geremia

Steph Geremia

Bringing a sweet, soulful yet energetic air to her music, Steph is a vibrant and versatile musician who officially debuted on the scene in 2009 with the release of her critically acclaimed album, The Open Road..[Read More]

Irish Flute Lessons

Majella Bartley

All Ireland champion flute player, Majella Bartley, hails from Corcaghan in Co. Monaghan. She is a respected flute and fiddle teacher… [Read More]

Online Flute Lessons

Niall Keegan

Dr Niall Keegan was born in the south east of England and began playing Irish traditional flute at an early age amongst the community of first and second generation musicians in and around London. .[Read More]