Learn Irish Fiddle Online

The fiddle, known to those outside of the Irish music tradition as the violin,  is truly the father of folk music, and is one of the most recognised musical instruments within the Irish music tradition.

At OAIM we have an exciting range of fiddle courses to suit different levels as well as tastes. The Fiddle Basics courses given by Niamh Dunne, fiddler in the band Beoga, provides you with the essentials to get you started. Majella Bartley then gives you the opportunity to expand your repertoire with her Fleadh Tunes for the Fiddle course. After that you can decide to study the relaxed music of Co. Clare under the guidance of Tola Custy or let Aidan O’Donnell lead you through the fiery fiddle music of Co. Donegal. Whatever stage you are at, if you love the fiddle, you couldn’t be in better company than here with the Online Academy of Irish Music.

All of our tutors are Irish music professionals carefully selected for individual mastery in their instruments and proven ability in teaching their craft. All our courses follow the traditional way of learning Irish music, using the ‘phrase by phrase’ technique for teaching tunes while watching the tutor to learn good technique. Using this time-honoured, proven system of Irish musical tuition, combined with the latest technology (Virtual Reality anyone?!), we bring Irish music tuition to you, wherever you are in the world.

Irish Fiddle Courses

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Aidan O’Donnell

Donegal Fiddle Styles

with Aidan O’Donnell

  • Advanced

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Fiddle Basics

with Niamh Dunne

  • Basic

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Clare Fiddle Styles

with Tola Custy

  • Intermediate

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Fleadh Tunes for the Fiddle ...

with Majella Bartley

  • Intermediate

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