Christy Barry has been playing music all his life. He plays with a unique sound and mastery of the Flute and Whistle which creates an insightful interpretation of Irish music. He’s a standard-bearer of the Clare tradition, living as he does in Doolin, the trad-capital of Ireland. He is also a master player of the spoons. Music runs in his blood.

Christy started playing music in Doolin in the ’70s and then went to live in New York and Chicago. He has played extensively throughout the USA. He returned to Doolin in the late 90s and continues to play and teach music in Doolin, but he also travels to different festivals in Europe throughout the year. Christy is an All Ireland Whistle Champion and has also received two different “Lifetime Achievement Awards”, from the Doolin Folk Festival (2015) and the Corofin Trad Festival (2018).​  When Christy is not playing music he enjoys painting local scenes.

His website is

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with Christy Barry

Christy Barry playing tin whistle

Tin Whistle Doolin Style

with Christy Barry

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